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Human Resources
& Job Skills

Our vision

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Training in the latest trends in HR

Polaroids viajes

Optimize the job search or candidates

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Committed employees 

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Courses subsidized by FUNDAE

Our services 

On-site training

Online training

Training for HR staff

Most popular training
Entrevista de trabajo
  • Search channels by profile

  • Key questions

  • Tests on how to react during an interview

  • To identify the personality and ambitions of the candidate

Interview Techniques

More Information

La firma de un contrato
  • Introduction to graphology

  • It's laws and principles

  • Graphic projective tests

  • Conflicts in drawing

  • Observing indices in HR application

Graphology- handwriting

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El contrato
  • Basic concepts of payroll

  • The retribution law

  • SAGE

  • Nominaplus

  • SAP 

Payroll Programs

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Trabajo en equipo
  • Autonomous influence of personal decisions in the team

  • Discovery: where we are and where we want to be

  • The three levers on how to improve an area

  • Generating opinions: the ADNI resolution, desire and responsibility

  • What's left over: negativity, individualism, poor communication

  • Action plan

Team Cohesion

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Reunión de conferencia
  • Requirements of subsidized training

  • Training registration with FUNDAE

  • Corse completion

  • Documents to be preserved, and account of training

Training Management

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Mujer tensionada
Stress Management

More Information

  • Main job stressers

  • Working on resiliance

  • Strategies against stress

  • Techniques to work on resilience

  • Practical applications

We have hundreds of innovative courses in HR

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Training for HR staff

Área de espera

Active job search training

Active job search training

Most popular training
Joven empresaria
  • Information and techniques to have an attractive and impressive CV

  • Job searching organisation

  • Job contracts

  • Personal marketing, interview skills

  • Post- interview

  • Job search resources

Orientation and Work Motivation

More Information

  • We offer all languages

  • Effective questions and answers

  • Pronunciation and common phrases

  • The cultural factor in an interview with a foreign interviewer

  • Tests to face

Applying languages to Interviews

More information

Mujer que trabaja en la oficina moderna
Personal Brand

More Information

  • Who is the personal market, give examples

  • How to communicate

  • How to leave a mark

  • Most common errors

  • Perception in others

  • Resources to create an excellent personal market

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