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Academic Centers

We are Moved by a Passion for Teaching 

Integral service


We are a team of teachers who are passionate about offering a close and appropriate method for each student's learning.   


All types of public:

Children and adults

We manage the processes so that you dedicate yourself exclusively to selling

24/7 service and



face-to-face and online

Services for
Schools and Nurseries

Service for Academies


Schools and Nurseries

What services do we offer?

Extra-curricular Activities

Innovative activities  where we also promote complementary skills and useful values to do with social life and skills, required in the professional stage that must be acquired as children

Teacher Training

Courses subsidized by FUNDAE for continuous training on new methodologies and improvement of teaching skills.  

Courses taught by experts.


We have the best researchers and most renowned experts for talks, workshops or conference  specials that are carried out in the educational center on any subject. 

Services for families

We offer complementary services such as  nannies or tutoring classes, among others, so that the center can offer a solution to families in need.

An added value that they will appreciate!

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One Month free
Hiring before the 30 th June 2021


What if you had a partner that managed your staff and offered you complementary services which you don't have incorporated? 

How we work? 

We will manage the entire service

No risks- If you grow, we grow

A new service for academies

Your students will be more satisfied

Focusing on selling- to grow your income

Always available to you

Any idea you have- we carry it out

Guaranteed success

Who do we work for? 


What guarantees do we offer? 

We are accredited by official organizations

British Council, L' Alliance Française, Goethe Institut, Confucius Institute, FUNDAE...

We work with


You can request a substitution to cover a class and on the same day and we will get it for you

Maximum confidentiality

We act as a white label, the student will never know that the
teacher comes from another company.

Never say NO to the customer

If a client asks you for a service that you do not offer, do not say no. Ask us and we will manage it for you.

Talk later?

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