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We have more than 5000 courses for workers and company managers

Take advantage of the companies' annual training credit to help train your workers, to improve your personal profile.

What is subsidized training for companies?  

Spanish companies have a loan to help train their workers. The amount of this credit will depend on the social security contributions and the number of workers in the company. It is made effective through bonuses to Social Security, after carrying out the training action.

Scheduled training means workers can continue to train, while still performing their job function. They will be able to choose between official courses, expert or professional masters that will improve their professional skills. This translates into free training and courses for your workers that will expand their academic curriculum and make them more competitive.

The assigned credit is annual and non-cumulative, which means, the money that is not used will be lost.

We are the training company chosen by tourist and educational establishments thanks to our professionalism and highly effective content.

Best Teacher has been recognized as an external entity by FUNDAE  to manage the discount for the training provided for the  company workers. 

Qué es la formación bonificada
Nuestra metodología
Áreas formativas

Our methodology

effective training

A new innovative way of learning, never seen before, based on experiences, practice and emotion.  

Taught by active professionals who give all the tips on how to improve your professional skills in a real- life environment.

Training areas

Training applicable to all types of companies

Be The Best Leader


Break barriers, speak fluently

Managers & senior officials
Marketing and sales

Techniques and latest trends


Latest regulations, personnel management and talent identification

Specialized training in tourism

Hotels and Restaurants

Learn how to captivate your clients

Events and Congress

The latest trends in tourism

with business and       customer experince.


Official courses for

transport management and

for certificates

Travel agents

Courses to adapt to the

new tendencies and regulations, to optimize time.

Check the subsidized courses of our online academy

They have already trusted us


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and how to redeem it

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