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A different training company

BEST TEACHER defines itself as an innovative education company.


We were born to innovate and revolutionize the educational model. We want our students to remember what we teach them, by heart , not just for an exam etc. We help them learn with real life learning, not just through a book. We want our students to learn through experiences and emotions. That is why we have created a new method,  based on practice and efficiency. With our enviable staff of teachers with innate qualities that the company takes care of, these objectives are brought to light.  


We listen to our clients and get to know them first-hand to offer a course adapted to their personality and their ultimate goals.

The best professionals

We seek and we find  the best teachers in their career section to guarantee success in carrying out the activity.

tailor-made service



For any subject you need, anytime, anywhere and for as long as you need.

The customer at the centre


If we don't offer you  the teacher you were looking for, we will replace it for you at the moment. 

We carry out a 360º educational service to cover any educational need:

  • Nanny service at home or in companies

  • Private teachers of any level and subject

  • Extracurriculars in schools

  • Subsidized training for companies or public bodies

  • Support for educational centers, such as academies or nurseries, with the management of the human team.

  • urban camps

  • Management of language intensives abroad


In addition, we also create and carry out our own courses and workshops, giving them in different locations in the community of Madrid. 

Letter from the director

Dear collaborators:


Welcome and thank you for the interest you show in Best Teacher.

As the founder of this project, I have put all my effort into creating the first training company to make learning a wonderful experience, comparable to when we go on vacation: we live it, we feel it, we always remember it and, above all, we want to tell it.  

The fundamental objective of Best Teacher is to convert  education in a journey through knowledge.


It is with great satisfaction for me to see this dream come true and to be able to work closely with you, offering a close, personalized and efficient service.


Many thanks to all those collaborators who have already trusted in me and my team. I am sure that together we will become bigger, and, without a doubt, we will have more possibilities to grow.


To all those collaborators of which I have not yet had the pleasure of working with, I am pleased to tell you that I am looking forward to meeting you, establishing close ties of collaboration and that at your disposal you will have a team willing to give the best for you.  


  I wait for you!  

Silvia Vicente Dominguez

Our team

  A team with an innate and special gift to transmit and reach the student's emotions  | Committed to the work of teaching.



Early childhood education teachers

Qualified and passionate with children. They help create with these kids, an incredible imagination to develop activities that facilitate the learning of the little ones.

Maestra durante una clase de matemáticas

Primary and Secondary teachers

Teachers with a university degree in Teaching and some of them with a
postgraduate and master's degree in the subject taught.


language teachers

Native teachers or
teachers that have lived for  five+ years in the country of the language taught to ensure
an immersion into the total culture and language. We also have teachers with an ELE degree for those who want to learn Spanish.

Chico con coche del tenis

sports monitors 

Professionals of any sport or physical activity. For children or adults in neighboring communities, urban camps, or extracurricular activities.

Doctora Docente en Seminario


true experts  for your congress, event or educational talk at the educational center

Clase de musica

Music and singing 

Teachers who live through music, with it as
part of their life. They can be specialized in any instrument, as well as in  chorus,
solfeggio and orchestra

Clase de ballet

dance teachers

Teachers with experience, qualifications and a huge passion for
dance.  This is transmitted from the first moment. We have true professionals
in each specialty: classical, modern, ballroom dance, Latin dance, Spanish dance, among others.

Construyendo un robot

Computer science and programming teachers

Experts in computer management. Our teachers have a sixth sense to transmit such specific knowledge: Microsoft Package, SAP, Opera, 3D Design,
as well as robotics.



Experts in students with special learning needs to help guide the student
with their studies, their daily life,  to acquire their own independence and methodology  learning and avoid school failure. 

Campamento imagen.JPG

Sociocultural monitors and animators

With degrees and internships, our teachers are open to any requested activity, whether it is a
workshop for extracurricular activities, such as summer camps or  toy libraries .Always  with
the best spirit and the best smile.

Do you want to join the team?

Know the advantages and benefits for being part of our clients 


Always attentive to the latest news

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