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Psychopedagogical Help

Methods adopted for special learning needs

We are moved by passion to see it evolve favorably  cognitive and motor development to improve people's quality of life

Techniques adapted to improve the level of learning and social interaction

Focused on  children with study problems or cognitive dysfunctions

A great team  from  experts in each of the areas

A management team  

at your disposal with all the guarantees

Our services


Professionals to correct alterations in communication such as  modulation and use of sounds, stuttering or speech problems   understanding.


Treatment  psychological  with the child and family to help manage the symptoms of  Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

Una niña en un aula

We offer adapted methods to help people with dyslexia improve their performance  with the  literacy and numeracy.

Niño jugando con bloques

We offer assistance to both children and adults to face the fears or traumas generated by bad past experiences. 

Yoga bebé

Treatment programs for psychomotor, sensory, emotional, cognitive or behavioral problems. Early intervention is essential.

Tutoría al aire libre

Help and guidance in the appropriate methodology and techniques for learning or teaching. Services  for students as well as teachers. 

terapia del autismo

Treatment of autism through different innovative therapies such as art therapy, music therapy  and specialized psychologists.  

Artes y manualidades

Workshops for parents and children, coaches for the education of children and adolescents.

Psicólogo Infantil

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