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Work- shops 

languages and cultures

Workshops designed to make you travel without leaving the classroom 

We discover the most authentic cultures in the world, through which channels language learning.  


You will learn curiosities, expressions and most used customs in the country of origin that will excite you

Work- Shops

Taller para niños de 3 a 6 años,  en el que realizarán actividades dirigidas a potenciar sus habilidades cotidianas, de la mano de una profesora bilingüe

Taller introductorio para explicar lo más relevante sobre la cultura y el idioma chino. 

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Curso exprés de inglés para pronunciar y escribir correctamente palabras  y expresiones comunes, que habitualmente, se utilizan de forma errónea

Jerga más utilizada en Francia pero la más desconocida cuando se estudia francés. Completa tu formación con este curso.

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Apasionante taller para adquirir conocimientos básicos de la escritura árabe

Curso de árabe específico para profesionales de sanidad. Tiene el fín de aprender a comunicar y tratar con personas de nacionalidad árabe.

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Everyone  the workshops  are proposed  and made by  professionals passionate about education with their own free initiative.


the ambition of  social responsability  by Best Teacher  is
discover new skills,
  spread knowledge and make all workshop participants live an unforgettable experience.

Each workshop is based on a specific methodology and is taught by expert professionals in the field, who pass on their knowledge with great passion.

If you are an expert in a specific subject  and you have always wanted to teach a workshop to spread that knowledge, you are in the right place. Write us with your proposal. 

Other workshops

Familia que adorna los huevos

little ones and parents

Laboral life


Hobbies and artistic expression


The perfect classes, I was very happy, the teacher is great, very attentive, friendly, motivating...


I was very satisfied with the class.


French classes

I think both Sandra  like me, we are very comfortable with the teacher, it could be said that it is what we needed: a teacher who adapted to our rhythm and trained us  personalized way. 

Very happy with the classes  


Typing Classes

I want to thank you for your availability to answer any questions and the ease of management. sophie  She has come home very happy every day, so I understand you have done a good job.

You can count on us to promote Best Teacher.


Urban Camp

The urban camp has  been fantastic for Javi. He was very happy and had a lot of fun. You have it very well set up and the issue of food has been very well resolved. Also the price has been great.

Thank you very much for everything.

We will repeat!


Urban Camp

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