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Clase de musica

Music and Singing 

If you feel passion for music, you are in the right place

Las madres y los bebés
  • Base for musical learning

  • Early stimulation

  • Develops creativity, memory, sensitivity and helps to express feelings.

  • Stimulates interaction

  • Develops speech and stimulates body expression

Music for babies

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Clase de musica
  • Introductory course into the musical world in an enjoyable way.

  • Learning to interpret music and adapt body movement to rhythm

  • Develop an artistic side and typical to the child's age

  • Improve psychomotor coordination and auditory motor with musical

music and movement

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Image by Heidi Yanulis
  • Classes at home.

  • Professionals from any instrument

  • Classic guitar or electric, ukulele

  • Drums

  • Flute

  • Trumpet, trombone

  • Violin, viola, violoncello, double base

  • Oboe, clarinet, bassoon

  • Harp, xylophone, accordion

And much more...

Play an instrument

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Niños cantando en un coro
  • Taught by professionals

  • Classic or modern music

  • Techniques and resources

  • Sing like a soloist or in a choir

  • For kids and adults

Singing lessons

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Partituras y guitarra
  • Preparation for entrance exams to the conservatory

  • Elementary grade, professional or superior

  • Taught by teaching experts

Conservatory entrance exams

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director de orquesta en el escenario
Orchestra director

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  •  Introduction to the world of  conducting an orchestra.

  • The basic patterns: directing styles.

  • Managing the baton

  • Directing different tempos.

Músico violinista

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