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Digital Marketing Training

Become trained and learn the most revolutionary techniques in digital marketing.  This is an evolving sector.  

Learn how to make the most of all the possibilities it offers. 

Direct Marketing Training 

Direct marketing is a fundamental tool to build customer loyalty. Learn the secrets to optimize all resources to the maximum and obtain rewarding results.

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What services do we offer?

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Translate services

Web translation services, flyers and corporate catalogues. Do not close the borders to your business and adapt to your international public

Sales Training

The best courses to improve sales techniques and obtain effective results.  

Also specific courses in online sales in e-commerce and remote customer contact. 

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Digital Marketing Training

Most Popular Training
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  • Introduction to web analytic platforms

  • Recognizing data

  • Reporting

  • Making decisions

Web Analytics

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  • SEO Positioning.  Google strategies and penalties

  • SEM ; how it works. How Googleworks

  •  Google AdSense


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  • Programming sales models

  • Programming sales strategy

  • Data ecosystem technology

  • Data operations

  • Programming tendencies


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Oficina moderna
  • Introduction to the principles of software design

  • Design strategies to communicate online

  • Editing images

  • drawing

  • Documentation layout

  • Visual communication project

Graphic Design

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edicion de videos
  • Video systems

  • Audiovisual narrative

  • Recording techniques

  • Retouching and perfecting images

  • Editing images, sounds and post-production .

  • Image composition and FX

Video editing

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campañas en redes sociales
Campaigns in 
Social media 

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  • Introduction to social media and applying it to events

  • Coming up with a strategized plan and event communication 

  • Elaborate the plan 

  • Communication language techniques in events with social media

  • Photo techniques

  • Post event

We have hundreds of innovative courses in Digital Marketing 

Mk digital
marketing offline

Direct Marketing Training

Most popular Training
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  • Notions about e-commerce

  • Customer-supplier relationship

  • Buying process

  • Campaigning and promotions

  • Virtual showcase

  • Security in buying & data protection policy


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  • Fundamental principles

  • Market, technical and artistic knowledge and skills

  • How to showcase an exhibition: harmony, colours,  symmetry and weight

  • Client psychology

  • Decorative styles and brand image

  • Marketing and merchandising

Window Design

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  • Objectives and types of promotions

  • Control of promotions

  • Profitability

  • Techniques in merchandising

  • Management and rotation of stocks and services

Promotional Marketing

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We have hundreds of innovative courses in Direct Marketing

Sales Training

Most popular training
  •  Voice discovery

  • Non- verbal communication

  • Expression: how we conduct our proposition, how we write it, space domain 

  • Scene, attitude, diction and phonetics

  • Writing  a speech

  • Staging: Awareness,  visualisation of the space provided, improvisation,  silence

Oratory:  How to Speak in Public

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  • Creating basic tables and filters

  • Types of searches

  • Conditional formats and alerts

  • Create charts and templates

  • Pivot tables

  • Corresponding with Word

  • Mass Mailing

Efficient Database Management with Excel

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  • Preparation: mentality, knowing about the product or service and the competition

  • Personal presentation

  • Company presentation

  • Arguments and key benefits

  • Treatment of objections

  • Closing/ not closing

  • Tracking

Sell with Focus

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Modelo aplica el lápiz labial
  • Concept of styling 

  • Materials and fabrics

  • Masculine & feminine garments

  • Proportioning corrections optically through clothing

  • Accessories- masculine and feminine

  •  Appropriate clothing for meetings

  • Clothing and etiquette for special occasions

  • Hair and make-up

Image and Styling Advice

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  • Formula to achieve work happiness 

  • Common problems: fear of rejection, relationships, needs. 

  • Communication: Verbal and non-verbal language , the distortion arc

  • Solution: useful tips, filter the criticism and negative opinions

Excellent customer relationship

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Mujer que trabaja en la oficina moderna
Personal Brand

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  • Personal brand- who is it? Give examples 

  • How to communicate

  • How to leave a mark

  • Most common mistakes

  • The perception in others

  • Courses to create an excellent personal mark 

We have hundreds of innovative courses in Sales

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