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Translations and Services  interpretation

We are a team of translators and interpreters  passionate about providing excellent service  .   


Integral service


All languages and

any sector

Budgets tailored to your needs 

24/7 service and


Keyboard and Mouse

Our Services

Las personas que trabajan en oficina abi

Traducciones juradas

Traducciones técnicas

Traducción sitio web

Computadora portátil y cuaderno
Text Review

Error correction 

 Phrases structures

Any TFM correction


Hombre con los auriculares

Cualquier idioma y dialecto

Profesional cualificado

Servicio a nivel nacional

Hombre trabajando
Other Services

Voice-over services


Professional transcription

Qualified professionals

We only work with native translators and interpreters, that are qualified with outstanding experience in the sector

We work under urgency

We manage urgent services so that the work is done on time.

Tailor-made budgets

Rates for standard services between 0.04ct and 0.12ct per word.  

For interpreting services we can also include booths and a sound technician. 

Cutting-edge technology

We have advanced software and the latest technology to guarantee great agility and quality of service. 


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