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Teacher Training

Innovative training to teach with a lot of feeling

We strive to offer the best experts to offer training in the latest trends in the educational sector  to face new challenges, innovations in the sector and manage a heterogeneous class

Practical and useful learning , articulated in

a real scene  

Bonus training

through FUNDAE 

Courses designed  tailored

Face-to-face and online courses 

Taught by experts

in the matter

Our services 

On-site training

Online training

Our most popular courses

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Alternative pedagogies: Montessori, Waldorf and Doman

Training focused on the discovery of alternative teachings, proposed by the best-known pedagogues in the world. Each one enhances a part of learning by a different method. This formation  allows the teacher to have more resources and tools to enhance the child's cognitive skills and abilities.

Niño en el psicólogo

Special educational needs

​A course focused on identifying special educational needs and how to promote integration in the classroom: ADHD, dyslexia, and other problems associated with reading and writing. Our courses help on how to act in these cases and how to help bring focus to the classes.

La vacunación de un niño

First Aid



Practical courses focused on knowing the different situations and how to solve them: For example, epileptic seizure, cardiac arrest, fainting, accident and the use of defibrillators.


Shantala: Therapeutic massage for babies


Techniques to enhance the bonds between caregivers and the baby. This treatment helps strengthen the babies muscles, avoid colic, mucus, cough, and detect anomalies in the baby in time. This massage is practiced throughout the world and is trending in Spain.


Drugs, Gender violence and Bullying

This course helps with identification, management and the suitable approach for a student who finds themselves involved in a social conflict. Resources will be provided  to deal with different situations.

Aprender en línea

Teaching Classes online

You will learn the techniques to convert from face-to-face classes into online classes, techniques to take into account in virtual classes and resources to create content for your classes and tutorial videos.

Estudiantes en una clase de ciencias

Project work in the classroom




Project work has become trendy in many schools due to the changing ways of our modern day's students learning. This has been discovered to be one of the best learning method in the classroom,  in a more dynamic way , with using projects , carried out with educational purpose in the most effective and efficient way, has proved quite beneficial to many students.

Dos amigos con una tableta

ICT Security



The teacher will be taught how to manage a class learning with IT tablets. This course educates on how to keep track of the pages the students visit, how to work in groups carrying out educational resources. And in groups or individually ensures that effective learning will be carried out through the tablets.

Niños aplaudiendo las manos

Leisure monitoring and free time

This course will help you to be able to work in camps and toy libraries. You will learn pedagogical techniques, psychology, games, songs and gain experience working in camps.

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