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Category: Parents and teachers

Type: Theoretical- Practical

Duration: 2.5  hours

Price: €30

Aimed at: Early childhood education teachers (3-6 years), mothers and fathers.

Meditation, Breathing and Yoga in the Classrooms

Practical theoretical course through which parents and teachers can learn to use the practices of yoga and meditation to apply it in the classroom or at home.

What does yoga or meditation bring to children?

through yoga,  children will exercise their breathing  and they will learn to relax to deal with stress, conflictive situations and lack of concentration, problems that are so evident in today's society. Yoga will help them on their long way to  physical and mental domain.

What children achieve physically and mentally:

- Improvement of postural habits 
- Improved breathing habits. 
- Increased  self esteem 
-Low in the level of child stress. 
- Better development of attention, concentration,  memory  and imagination. 
-Harmonization of personality and character. 
- Timely channeling of physical energy. 
- Better understanding and interaction with others.

The practice of meditation is increasingly an alternative to punishment in the centers.


- Introduction to common yoga postures.

- Application of the bases of yoga to the different objectives that we can achieve: concentration, tranquility, creativity...

- Practical application and explanatory tables to use in the classroom.

No prior knowledge is required to take the course. You must go with sports clothes and a towel or mat

Additional information about the course

This course is taught by the expert Cristina Guerra, a federated instructor of Yoga for children as well as a lecturer on alternative methodologies at reputable universities such as the UNIR University of La Rioja and a trainer in educational centers combining this activity as an active teacher in an educational center in Tenerife. .



It is accredited by a diploma  course attendance

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