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Category: Free time / children and parents

Training type: Face-to-face

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes / week

Price: €35 / month

Directed to: Children from 6 years old.  

Fun Theater for Kids

The theater has a high educational value for children and is an extraordinary tool for learning and fun. At the same time, it favors the communicative, social and creative abilities of the child,  It teaches you to know your body, to gesture, to make movements to express sensations and feelings. Therefore, the benefits of this activity during childhood are innumerable.


At the base of this workshop is the game: the theater is a physical place, new and different in which to play and have fun with others, while learning to use the body and the voice in an artistic way. Children develop their imagination and their oral and corporal expression in a similar way to when they play with each other in the schoolyard. The only difference is that, in this case, the game is guided and guided by a professional who seeks the benefit that the activity can bring to the creativity and expressiveness of the students.


We propose a workshop in which students learn to know themselves and value their own personality as an individual and in relation to a group, overcoming their insecurities and gaining full knowledge of their means of expression, their body and their voice. Students will be given the opportunity to express themselves authentically, without judgment, transforming their emotions into something tangible that can be named and recognized.


We propose a mix between Lecoq and Checov tailored to the child in which one learns by playing, experimenting, making mistakes, doing. Before anything else, there is the pleasure of discovering and experimenting together: theater is not an exhibition, it is not a challenge to who is the best, but a search.


You learn by doing: the workshop is totally practical and  experimental. The classes are essentially practical. the small part  theory will aim to introduce children to theatrical culture, to stimulate their curiosity with the great names of theater explained to the child. The theater must be for them like entering a fantastic world, like opening a book and entering it, being the protagonists of this journey full of magic, characters waiting to be dramatized, adventure stories, creative and sensory activities, etc.


Throughout the duration of the workshop we will play with gestures, sounds, music, emotions, objects, stories: Pinocchios and Don Quixotes will come out of a book page in three dimensions, an everyday object like a broom can take us to the moon!




- The first classes are dedicated to the theatrical game with exercises that help to form the group and overcome the initial shyness.

- Later we will learn to express ourselves through improvisations, simulations, creative use of body and voice. Little by little we will be able to transform ourselves into colors, animals, materials!

- And after some classes we will know how to transform ourselves into characters!

- In the last part of the workshop we will be ready to prepare a final show, so that the different techniques learned and the path traveled throughout the duration of the workshop are reflected in something concrete, to live fully and in the first person the theater experience.


They will be protagonists of a game that they themselves will have created in almost all its parts, from the text, to the direction, music, and scenery. Thanks to that they will feel like an active part and authors of the staging. At the end of the performance, the children will enjoy the warmth of the public for the first time and will see all their effort and dedication rewarded, proving that teamwork and common commitment is an essential tool to move projects forward.


In short, we are all born knowing how to do theater and we should not lose this innate faculty that endows us with learning and communication throughout our lives. The workshop is a first stage in the world of theater and the meaning of being an actor. Maybe one day they will be actors or yes, better people.

Additional Information about the Course

The workshop is taught by the expert Raffaela Magnifico, graduated from the Nouveau Colombier and Lassad International Theater School (Brussels) who has taught and directed theater groups throughout the national territory. Thanks to his qualities of improvisation, body expression and passion for his work, he makes success and natural learning for all his students, where he emphasizes that this activity is just for fun while human and group values are acquired at the end of the sessions.  

This course is conceived in a professional way and where the child will have the opportunity to experience their work by showing it to the public in a final work. 

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