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Category: Workshops for parents and children

Guy:  Practical

Duration: 18  hours

Price: €150

Aimed at: All types of audiences.  

Learn to play the Ukulele

Have you always wanted to play an instrument that accompanies you while you sing or homework a song?

The ukulele is the new fashion instrument. A small musical instrument with 4 strings, it has a cheerful sound, weighs very little, is cheap and easy to learn. one of the best instruments  to enter the musical world or always carry it in your backpack.

This course of only 12 sessions, and a total of 18 hours, you will learn from the hands of professionals of   the Divercombo music school, to play this exciting instrument and enjoy it on any occasion.  

After completing this workshop, the student will learn to sing and play a song and will be able to take  your own ukulele, which we give away with the completion of this course.

Additional information about the course

Initial course to the Ukulele. No prior knowledge of music or playing instruments is required.  


Course taught by professionals from the Divercombo music school.  


It is accredited by a diploma  course attendance

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