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Category:  Parent Workshops

Type:  Practical

Duration: 1 hour/week

Price: €10

Addressed to: Parents

School for Parents - Do you connect with your child? 

The School for Parents are educational, social and family workshops. The topic to be discussed can range from learning more about how parent-child relationships work, through conflict resolution and improving communication.

Learn tools and solutions to improve the parent-child relationship, discover how your mind can become blocked, preventing you from having control of your behavior, and learn how to manage those automatic responses. We propose small changes, in the way of doing what we have always done.

Know the three resources we have to educate:

- Love

- Knowledge

- Order

This workshop has already been taught in schools and sports centers with great success.

Additional information about the Course

It's a time of  meeting  with other parents and share  So  experiences, concerns and working  everyone  together to learn to give a  education  quality based on respect and  Union  Come in  Fathers and sons.

We invite you to come to know what the school for parents is and value what  Useful  what can be share  these experiences and make  dynamic  with which you can see yourself reflected in your  day  to  day.

This workshop is taught by professional coaches in each of the areas.  

“The smallest action is worth more than the greatest intention”


Take the first step and sign up for this workshop that will open your eyes.  

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