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Category: Workshops for teachers

Type: Theoretical- Practical

Duration: 3 hours

Price: €45

Aimed at: Early childhood education teachers (3-6 years), mothers and fathers

Teaching Methodology Workshop: Waldorf

Waldorf at an early age is a presentation for parents and child education professionals about this methodology that is gradually making its way in our country in schools.


The Waldorf methodology  It is one of the best known educational systems. Waldorf pedagogy, initiated by the German philosopher Rudolf Steiner, seeks the development of each child in a free and cooperative environment, without exams and with a strong support in art and crafts.

Additional information about the course


- Introduction to the Waldorf methodology

- The role of the adult / guide

- The environment

- sensory material

- Introduction to the language

- Introduction to mathematics

- Practical life activities at home and in the classroom

- Presentation of the material and activities


This course is taught by the speaker and expert in alternative methodologies Cristina Guerra.


It is accredited by a diploma  course attendance

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