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Category: Workshops for children

Guy:  Practical

Duration: 1 hour

Price: €10

Aimed at: Children between 4 and 12 years old.

Reading-Writing Workshop

Thematic reading workshop for children, dedicated to different authors and literary books.

A moment to promote literature and the ability to read and write. To do this we will mix literary genres and organize different activities around the theme.

Additional information about the Course


  1) The story of "Author". As a story, children will read and have fun about the life of a chosen author  and they will discover their masterpiece.


2) Represent your story. By way of crafts, they will represent the most intrepid story described by the author in his best-known book and they will take their feat as a souvenir.

3) Dramatization. They will feel protagonists of the story by recreating a scene. They will learn a new way of reading: The Theater and they will practice their skills as an actor.

4) It is a nice opportunity to initiate your child in the passion of reading, culture accompanied by other children of their age.

Give your child the opportunity to discover reading through other techniques


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