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Category: Little ones and parents

Type: Practical

Duration: 1.5  hours

Price: €15

Aimed at: Children passionate about music



Instrument creation workshop

Music can be made anywhere, and in this workshop we are going to discover why.

Any material that we have in the kitchen, in the bathroom or about to throw away, can become a musical instrument.

In this activity, we will teach the student different sonorities with musical instruments  that they will be able to play and we will build different musical toys and instruments.  

Each student will take home their own self-created instrument.  

We will finish singing  and dancing a song with the parents with the created instrument.

This workshop, lasting an hour and a half, will be  taught by teachers from the Divercombo music school.

Additional information about the course

Workshop focused on children, to take full advantage of their imagination and talent for the creation of instruments through everyday materials and that have sound so that they can use it and develop a love for music

In addition, at the end of the workshop we will deliver a diploma accrediting your participation in the course together with your favorite musical instrument. 

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