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Category:  Fathers and Sons

Type:  Theoretical- Practical

Duration: 3 hours

Price: €45 individual or €70 as a couple

Aimed at: Parents in the process of divorce or divorced.

We have separated… And our Kids?

Coaching workshop for divorced or separating parents

Because in any corner of the world, crying and laughing are part of life, because we cannot choose, there are simply things that happen, because THAT is life…. And always, ALWAYS there is a positive side to look at it

A space to help you and your children better understand and adapt to change in the family. Thoughts, emotions and behaviors associated with the separation process.

Additional information about the Course

Very intensive workshops with a great emotional charge that will make you rethink many things.

Taught by Laura Croas and Laura García, psychologists and professional coaches specialized in family therapies and teams. As they define it... the family is the greatest of teams where all the gears must perform their function for it to work.

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