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Category: Free time

Training type: Face-to-face

Duration: 2 hours / week

Price: €95 / quarter   

Aimed at: All audiences.

Sevillanas and Flamenco

Focused workshop from a fun and also professional point of view. It seeks to get the most potential out of the classes.  

The course is adapted according to age. With children through more of the game, with adults part of the technique and the acquisition of a good posture.  

A very complete course where you will learn: 

- Sevillanas in pairs.

- Castanets

- Flamenco: The heel tapping

- Flamenco with shawl.

- Flamingo with fan.

Additional information about the Course

The workshop is taught by Diana Rodriguez. Spanish dance professional winner of various national competitions.  

Groups created according to age and level.  

Taught at different points in Madrid: Tetuán, Ciudad Lineal and Guzmán el Bueno. 

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