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Category: Tourism

Training type: Face-to-face  / Online

Duration: 2 hours

Price: €30  

Aimed at: Event professionals and managers of establishments with an influx of public.

Prevention and Security at Events and other Establishments

In any place of influx of public, security is a key issue.

It is a place that accommodates a large capacity of people as if they are very exclusive places, they are always cares that must be taken into account in the first stages of the development and planning of a plan  of risk, to be able to prevent any type of serious incident.

As an event organizer or supplier participating in it, it is very important to plan a prevention and evacuation plan from the briefing in the event of any emergency that could occur at the event site.


It is necessary to coordinate and protect the physical integrity of clients, staff, guests, celebrities and the facilities where the incident takes place.


The topics that we will cover in this security training are the following:




1) Identify those affected by the crisis plan

2) Organize security in the company- Analysis to make the crisis plan

3) Actions and the security chain


1) How to set up a crisis cell

2) Decision processes if a crisis occurs

3) Communication

Prepare for war in peacetime and don't be caught unawares by any problem.


Very few organisms are not prepared to react  and act if anything happens. In addition, we will teach you how putting your well-detailed security plan in the foreground, this can become a great advantage over your competitors.


There are many points to know in terms of events and establishments so that no catastrophe occurs

Additional information about the Course

Requirements: No prior knowledge is necessary


A certificate of participation will be delivered to the course

Course taught by Silvia Vicente, director of Best Teacher and expert in organizing events and conferences.

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