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Category: Company

Training type: Face-to-face  / Online

Duration: 3 hours

Price: €39  

Aimed at: Freelancers, Marketing  

Social Networks for your Business

This course aims to give you many tools and best practices to keep your business active on the internet. Social networks are an essential means of communication in any business, within which each one has very specific characteristics and it is necessary to know how to use them so that the effect is as expected.  

In this course we will teach beyond the simple fact of what they are for, but we will go very to the point about what works, what you should do and how to measure your impact on the networks.


1) Definition of social networks.

2) Communication in Social Networks

3) Online reputation

4) Use of Social Networks


6) Twitter


8) LinkedIn

9) Youtube

10) Pinterest and instagram

Additional information about the Course

Requirements: No prior knowledge is necessary


A diploma will be delivered with the total hours of lessons to open up job opportunities for you

Course taught by Silvia Vicente, CEO of Best Teacher and expert in organizing events and conferences where social media is the pillar of the communication strategy in any event.

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