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Category: Tourism

Training type: Face-to-face.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: €30

Addressed to: Professionals in the Retail sector, luxury, events

Dress Code

On this occasion we will delve into what protocol is, that series of instructions set by tradition or agreement, which establish which behaviors, actions and techniques are appropriate in certain situations. We will focus on dress code, basic standards, what type of clothing is most appropriate for the event, and proper etiquette guidelines.


Our objective? Achieve facilitating our day to day through knowledge. That our personal procedures or events do not become a headache.


1. Protocol Definition

2. Types of formal acts

3. Uses and social skills

4. Etiquette in dressing: factors to take into account

5. Basic regulations according to the act

6. Etiquette in clothing: masculine and feminine

Additional information about the course

Course taught by  Esther Gosálbez Cortés Degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Alicante, postgraduate and master's degree in Communication, Styling and Fashion Specialist at the Higher School of Fashion and Business in Madrid.

At the end of the training, a diploma of achievement on image and styling advice will be delivered .  


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