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Category: Company

Training type: Face-to-face.

Duration: 30 hours

Price: €250  (reduced)

Aimed at: Everyone from 16 years old.

Basic Course Prevention of Occupational Risks

This course aims to provide a minimum basic level training in occupational risk prevention according to RD 39/1997. A mandatory training by law and that aims to avoid injuries and poor working conditions.

The health and quality of life of workers improve, so the commitment of workers to the company increases.

A suitable work environment favors a climate of trust which in turn affects the motivation and satisfaction of workers in the company (workers feel valued in their company).

A preventive culture improves the image of the company internally and externally, in the long term it has repercussions on the relationship with customers (internal and external) and suppliers.

The prevention of occupational risks in the company reduces the number of accidents at work and the appearance of professional illnesses, thus saving costs of absenteeism, rotation, selection and training of personnel, as well as avoiding the loss of quality in workers.

Occupational risk prevention provides added value to human resource management, increasing productivity in the company in the long term.

Course content:

- Basic concepts on safety and health at work.

-Introduction to LPR.

-Introduction to preventive disciplines.

-General risks and their prevention.

-Specific risks and their prevention (in relation to the sector in which we find ourselves).

-Basic elements of risk prevention management.

-First aid.

Additional information about the course

Course subsidized by the tripartite foundation.

This course is taught by experts in occupational risk prevention and transmitted in a dynamic and effective way.

At the end of the course, a diploma certifying the training will be delivered for the total number of hours taught.

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