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Titulo maitre de Hotel

Category: Tourism

Training type: Face-to-face.

Duration: 3.5 hours

Price: €49  

Aimed at: People with a vocation for customer service and hospitality

Master's Professional Title 

 hostelry is a booming sector where we find increasingly professional teams and increasingly demanding clients. The objective of this course is to show, in a practical way and adapted to the reality of the sector, how to operate, anticipate and organize work teams so that  everything flows and face the setbacks that arise in the development of work.  

- Introduction to the events industry and the
- Learn the functions of a
 head waiter
- Learn to manage groups and tasks
- Qualities, problems and their resolution most common in the industry.

- Scope of action of a maître and its operation: Restaurant, conventions, catering companies
- Types of assemblies and factors to take into account.
- Coffee breaks, cocktails, finger buffets, seated service. Operation and organization. 
- Coordination maître - client. Telephone and customer service techniques. 
- Factors that must be anticipated and conflict resolution
- Billing
- Inventory
- Leadership techniques and organization of resources (ratios)

- Protocol
- English module for the maître activity
- 3 inspection visits
 to live and acquire experiences from its professionals.

Additional information about the course

Requirements: No prior knowledge is necessary

After this course you will be ready to organize a team of waiters and successfully manage a service  and save you a lot of bad tricks since we will teach you to anticipate, how to manage with the client and many other skills that no other site will teach you, since all the training is formed through years of experience.  

A diploma will be delivered with the total hours of lessons to open up job opportunities for you

Course taught by Roberto Quispe, head of the Marriott Madrid Auditorium (the largest convention center in Europe) and 15 years of experience in the hotel. 

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