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Category: Free time / Parents and teachers

Training type: Face-to-face

Duration: 3 hour 30 minutes

Price: €39 *

* Special price €30 for music therapy or conservatory students.  

Aimed at: Professional or amateur musician and teachers.

Introduction to Music Therapy

If you like music (you are a professional or amateur musician) or you are linked to an educational or assistance profession, you may have heard of Music Therapy.

During this course, you will approach this discipline from an experiential part, understanding how music acts on emotion and human behavior through group dynamics. We will discover different currents of work and we will have the opportunity to comment and analyze Music Therapy sessions to better understand the therapeutic process.



1) What is music therapy

2) Practical currents and theories about Music Therapy

3) Applications in different contexts

5) Doubts and questions.

Additional information about the Course

The workshop is taught by the expert, Myriam Pereña, music therapist, with a  Master  on  Music therapy and Bachelor of Psychology and graduated in Traverse Flute at the Amaniel Professional Conservatory of Music. Experience conducting sessions with children with different abilities. In turn, she is a teacher of Music for babies and Music and movement.

At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be delivered giving evidence of the completion of this theoretical course focused on practice that certifies you of knowledge received from an expert and useful to introduce you to this differential and booming educational field.

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