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Category: Professionals

Type: Theoretical- Practical

Duration: 6 hours

Price: €50

Addressed to: professionals who make use of the voice as an instrument or tool

Speaking Course: how to Speak in Public

We cannot stress enough the importance of speaking in public. Especially if we have our own business, or represent a company in front of potential clients, oratory and non-verbal language is essential to seduce the person who is listening to us. Also create confidence and attract their interest. Perhaps it is because we have never seen ourselves as others see us. Have you ever tried to make a speech in front of a mirror? Surely you see many failures that you had not noticed before.

The Objective of this course is to enhance the ability to express oneself before an audience with confidence, conviction and credibility.


- Discovery of the voice: conscience, setting, hygienic guidelines.

- Non-verbal communication:  Basic elements in our public exhibition.

-  Expression:  How to conduct our purpose, what is written, mastery of the scenic space,  attitude,  phonetics,  diction.

-Construction of discourse:  Emotion, direction, construction of sentences, rhythm, pauses, use of punctuation.

- Staging:  Awareness, improvisation, visualization of the scenic space, the  silence, the fourth wall.

-Do not forget before starting: Situation, reassess, interpretation.

-Different texts as exercises  Styles, punctuation, expression.

Additional information about the Course

Workshop given by  Luis Ruiz, CEO of the Gabinete Marconi consultancy, and who regularly conducts courses of this caliber to help enhance people's talent and achieve their goals through oratory.

At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be awarded. 

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