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Category: Company

Training type: Face-to-face / Online

Duration: 3 hours

Price: €30  

Aimed at: HR professionals  and curious of this practice

Introduction to Graphology and Graphic Projective Tests

Our subconscious tries to communicate relevant information to us, continuously. Through the analysis of our handwriting, signature and drawings, we will discover data about our personality and unconscious conflicts, which will be truly useful to get to know ourselves better. In this way, we can advance by leaps and bounds along the path of personal development, polishing our "edges" and enhancing our virtues.

Graphology and the Graphic Projective Tests are also the ideal complement to psychology, school guidance, personnel selection and criminology.


-        GRAPHOLOGY:

  • What is it?

  • fundamentals

  • What do you study?

  • What do you NOT study?

  • Advantages of Graphology

  • Used tools

  • areas of application

  • History

  • Laws and Principles:

  • Mimic Law

  • symbolic law

  • profound law

  • Emotional Law

  • Inductive-alphabetic Law

  • Intuitive-Contrasted Law

  • Law of Rhythm

  • Law of the Stroke

  • French Classical School


  • -        Graphic Projective Test:

  • What are they?

  • fundamentals

  • What are you studying?

  • What do they NOT study?

  • How are they applied?

  • For whom? How?

  • Indices to watch

  • Conflicts in the drawing

  • -        The most important:

  • HTP (tree, house, person)

  • person in the rain

  • Family test (static and kinetic)


-        What benefits do Graphology and TPG provide?


Know two powerful tools such as Graphology and Graphic Projective Tests. Know what they are, what they are not, what they study, how they do it, what they are for, how to manage it, what they are based on, etc.


Discover parameters in our signature and our handwriting, which will reveal information about our person at a subconscious level, acting tendencies that each one of us has.

How graphology helps us in our self-improvement process

Additional information about the Course

Requirements: No prior knowledge is necessary

Target audience:

  • People interested in personal development and in discovering two very powerful tools that help them deepen their self-knowledge.

  • Teachers and parents interested in getting to know their students/children better, in understanding them and detecting relevant information through their handwriting, signature and drawings. In order to help them and guide them better. And by the way, apply it all to themselves.


A diploma will be delivered with the total hours of lessons to open up job opportunities for you

Course taught by Ainoa Espejo, graphologist and coach specialized in nonverbal language and people's behavior.

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