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Category:  SMEs, freelancers, freelancers

Type:  Theoretical- Practical

Duration: 5  hours

Price: €50

Aimed at: Online professionals, freelancers and company directors  

Google Tools for Business

Google is an extensive network of possibilities for your business and if you know how to use them, it is a sure success. This course aims to discover all the Google applications available and how to use them in the management and  communication of companies in order to optimize their appearance in search results on the internet but also improve communication between employees of your company.  


- SEO positioning. Google strategies and penalties. 

- SEM positioning. How Google Adwords works,  google adsense

- Social networks: Google +, Hangsout, Youtube

- References in Google: Google My Business and Google Maps

- Management tools: Gmail and Google Drive

- Measurement tools: Google Trends, Google Analytics, Google Search Console. 


Additional Information about the Course

At the end, a certificate of attendance will be awarded.

Very wide job opportunities and easily applicable to your own business, which will allow a greater positioning on the internet at a cost of €0 and fluidity in the relationship with your employees, colleagues or clients. 

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