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Category: Education

Training type: Face-to-face.

Duration: 5 hours

Price: €90  

Aimed at: Teachers and students

Connecting With my Students

In 2012, ICF Spain carried out the first Study on Educational Coaching with a survey among teachers and professional coaches. In it, 99% of the teachers surveyed consider coaching as a necessary activity applied in a "complementary" and "transversal" way in each subject and as personal support in their educational activity, both with students in class and with classmates. job. It is clear that we are living in a new reality in which children are digital natives. Access to information is fast and children are growing used to immediate answers. These changes require new approaches in education and result in the appearance of new problems: increase in the percentage of school failure, absenteeism, lack of discipline (which appears as a major problem for many teachers), unmotivated teachers, reading incompetence of a percentage high number of students at the end of ESO. That is why we launched this course aimed at TEACHERS at the INDIVIDUAL, GROUP and TEAM level, whom we accompany in this new educational context towards EXCELLENCE, since at Best Teacher we are committed to working on this new reality and doing different things to obtain different results. .


Course Objectives:

 Provide the teacher with new application tools in the classroom.

 Know other ways of relating to students to achieve their commitment.

 Discover new work models to facilitate student learning.

 Ensure that the teacher awakens in the student the desire to learn.

 Help communicate effectively.

 Encourage student participation.

 Help reduce tensions in the classroom and in the teaching team.

 Improve the performance of the student and the teaching team.

 Improve social and family relationships.

 Improve the work environment.

 Work emotional intelligence inside and outside the classroom.

 Manage work time in the classroom.

What stops you from being where you want to be?



I  Personal Skills: Connect with your student. Types of reinforcement, consequence vs. punishment, limits, influence, coherence…

II:System Skills:  Create healthy environments. Communication, representational styles, management of expectations, educational and work environment

III.  Tools:  Practical tools to apply in the classroom.

Additional information about the course

Target audience:

- Teachers and trainers who have difficulty gaining control of the class.

- Directors of schools.

- Teaching students and children's ed.  

This course is taught by LCoach, two expert coaches in educational matters and experts in emotional engineering and a charisma that makes no one leave these sessions indifferent. This course is taught in a very practical, dynamic and effective way.

At the end of the course, a diploma certifying the training will be delivered for the total number of hours taught.

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