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Category:  Teachers and Aspiring Teachers

Type: Theoretical- Practical

Duration: 15 hours

Price: €100 + management fees

Aimed at: Teachers or aspiring teachers who want to open their way to new job opportunities as a robotics and programming teacher. 

How to program Video Games with Kodu

Are you passionate about video games and would you love to introduce yourself to the world and learn to make your own in a very simple and practical way? Well, here comes your course, led by Sonia Murciego, an expert in technology, robotics and video games, we will take a tour of this 10-hour workshop so that you learn the essentials of the world of videogames with Kodu and end up creating your own in 3D :)

The objectives  of this course are:

● Get into the creation of video games through Kodu.

● Explore the use of Kodu's main tools and their options.

● Create and schedule clones.

● Create a playing field with different texts, elevations and water.

● Understand and know how to use the pages in kodu to change the programming of an object.

● Program objects in Kodu using different types of instructions.

● Create routes in Kodu.

● Make basic settings on objects and the Kodu game.

● Encourage creativity and initiative.

● Work on problem solving.

● Work on the planning, design, programming and debugging of projects.


  • Introduction to video games.

  • Kodu Environment and Tools

  • Design of a world

  • objects and paths.

  • Scheduling events in Kodu.

  • Score: to control the Score or Life of an item.

  • Clones.

  • Pages.

  • Creation of a Project: Design, planning and programming.

  • Debugging.


Additional information about the course

This course is taught by the professional Sonia Murciego, a graduate in Early Childhood Education and passionate about the world of robotics and programming with extensive experience in after-school programming and robotics camps.

Necessary to provide a personal laptop and a tablet.  


At the end, a diploma of attendance will be delivered with the total number of teaching hours completed.  

Very wide job opportunities such as  robotics teacher in educational centers, individuals or create your own workshops.

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