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Category:  Teachers and aspiring teachers

Type:  Theoretical- Practical

Duration: 50  hours

Price: €600

Aimed at: Teachers or aspiring teachers who want to open their way to new job opportunities as a robotics teacher. 

Programming and Robotics  for Trainers

Are you a teacher and want to expand your professional opportunities? Are you curious about robotics? Are you passionate about technology and want to know more about this field? This is your course!

Complete course so that you learn everything about robotics from the hand of a professional from the technological world focused in a very practical way so that once the course is finished you have all the skills to face being a robotics instructor or design your own hobbies. robots.

Course Objectives

Provide students with the necessary knowledge to be able to work with different video game programming tools that use visual programming languages and allow them to develop programming knowledge without the need to know code, and apply these tools in the classroom .



  • Identify basic programming concepts: functions, blocks and program.

  • Enhance in children the ability to establish relationships with their peers, respecting diversity and developing attitudes of help and collaboration (learn to help and ask for help).

  • Share and explain your projects.

  • Develop imagination, critical thinking.

  • Develop their interest in solving scientific and technological problems.


  • Get started on the basics of programming using Scratch.

  • Work on logical thinking.

  • Autonomously program different challenges, both proposed and own: interactive stories, animations and games


  • Get into building and programming

  • • Think creatively to create a working model.

  • • Promote autonomous learning in new technologies.

  • • Foster communication skills with peers and conflict resolution.

  • • Reflect how to search for answers and imagine new possibilities.

  • • Generate ideas and work to make them come true.

  • • Develop logical thinking through problem solving.

  • • Assimilate basic programming concepts using the Lego Wedo program.

  • • Think logically and create a program to produce a specific behavior.


Additional information about the Course

This course is taught by the professional Sonia Murciego, a graduate in Early Childhood Education and passionate about the world of robotics and programming with extensive experience in after-school programming and robotics camps.

Necessary to provide a personal laptop and a tablet.  


At the end, a diploma of attendance will be delivered with the total number of teaching hours completed.  

Very wide job opportunities such as  robotics teacher in educational centers, individuals or create your own workshops.

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