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Category: Workshops for teachers

Type: Theoretical- Practical

Duration: 3 hours

Price: €45

Aimed at: Early childhood education teachers (3-6 years), mothers and fathers

Teaching Methodologies Workshop: Montessori

This method is based on the feeling, the child's psychology and their social relationships. Prepares the child for future academic efforts and how to face them emotionally in a positive way and to enjoy this process, perceiving it happily and this enhances their self-esteem before studying. The elders help the little ones and the little ones imitate the elders in the care they offer them. This method encourages collaboration, support and a psychological positivity that greatly favors learning

Additional information about the course


- Introduction to the Montessori methodology

- The role of the adult / guide

- The environment

- sensory material

- Introduction to language

- Introduction to mathematics

- Practical life activities at home and in the classroom

- Presentation of material and activities


This course is taught by the speaker and expert in alternative methodologies Cristina Guerra.


It is accredited by a diploma  course attendance

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