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Category:  Teachers and aspiring teachers

Type:  Theoretical- Practical

Duration: 15 hours

Price: €190 + management fees

Aimed at: Teachers or aspiring teachers who want to open their way to new job opportunities as a robotics and programming teacher. 

How to create an App without being an Expert Programmer

Do you want to enter the mobile world and Apps development? So this course is for you!

This course focuses on new people who want to learn how to use a tool to create their app in a simple and practical way. Ideal for those people who want to create mobile applications, technology students or passionate people who would love to continue developing in the sector.
A course with safe job opportunities or to add value to your CV.

Course Objectives

● Create a Google account.

● Install App Inventor 2.

● Install MIT AI2 Companion on Android device, or know the emulator.

● Create applications and install them on the mobile.

● Know and know how to use the App Inventor interface.

● Learn the components that can be used in an application and program them.

● Understand the concept of variables and lists.

● Use sensors in programming.

● Be able to design and create your own application.


● Introduction to the creation of App for Android.

● App inventor interface: Designer, Blocks Editor, project manager.

● Android emulator. MIT AI2.

● Screen composition.

● Components.

● Variables.

● Lists.

● Conditionals.

● Procedures.

● Sensors.


Additional information about the Course

This course is taught by the professional Sonia Murciego, a graduate in Early Childhood Education and passionate about the world of robotics and programming with extensive experience in after-school programming and robotics camps.

Necessary to provide a personal laptop and a tablet.  


At the end, a diploma of attendance will be delivered with the total number of teaching hours completed.  

Very wide job opportunities such as  robotics teacher in educational centers, individuals or create your own workshops.

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