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Category:  Parent Workshops

Guy:  Practical

Duration: 4  hours

Price: €45 individual or €70 couple

Addressed to: Parents

My child grows- 7  to 12  years

Training  specific  for parents with  children from 7 to 12 years old.

A coaching workshop, which allows you to experience different positions thanks to well-studied psychological and experimental dynamics.  


With this workshop you will discover the characteristics of this stage of change and allow you to know its importance with the sole purpose of helping your child create study and organization techniques.


What are the main challenges parents face at this stage?

- Prefer realistic content

-That's not fair!

-Now the group is important

-They have a very good memory

-They like to communicate

-They investigate and want to learn everything

-They are very sensitive

-They have a lot of energy

-They don't like to take orders

It is about  also different study techniques so that they begin to find a sense of responsibility, essential in later stages.  

Additional information about the course

A coaching session, given by Laura García and Laura Croas, psychologists and coaches, specialized in family and team relationships. The sessions are very dynamic and experimental to get to the feeling of the attendee and to internalize the concepts to help him make decisions and face all the fears and novelties that occur at this stage of the child.

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