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Category: Company

Training type: Face-to-face / Online

Duration: 2 hours

Price: €20  

Aimed at: Professionals or job seekers

Personal Brand: Find your Badge

Have you ever stopped to think about what you are communicating to others? How are you perceived? Do you think that the opinions of others describe you as you are? What would you like them to say about you when you're not around? How do you want them to remember you?

All this is part of your Personal Brand, and it is up to you to control it, to get the best of yourself and leave a mark. This way you will be able to show yourself authentically, being faithful, achieving more fluid and genuine relationships, and improving the concept you have of yourself. You will boost your self-esteem and your reputation (external and internal).


Dynamic and experiential workshop.

Reflect on what we are communicating abroad, how we are perceived, what mark we want to leave in this world (on a personal and work level, in the case of entrepreneurs). Know the mistakes to avoid, advice to follow and adapt it to each specific case, drawing up a detailed and realistic action plan.




      Personal brand:

      What is it?






      How do we communicate?

      What you see

      what is heard

      what is perceived


      johari's window

      leave a mark


      typical errors


      How are you perceived?



      Action plan

      Resources to get it



Additional information about the Course

Requirements: No prior knowledge is necessary

  • Target audience

  • Adults of any age, interested in personally improving themselves and what they transmit abroad, to achieve more satisfying relationships and improve their self-concept.

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for or remodeling their personal brand.

  • Teachers and parents interested in taking care of and improving what they transmit to their students/children, to become a good role model and do everything on their part when it comes to educating them


A diploma will be delivered with the total hours of lessons to open up job opportunities for you

Course taught by Ainoa Espejo,  graphologist and coach specialized in nonverbal language and people's behavior.

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