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Category:  Parent Workshops

Type:  Practical

Duration: 4  hours

Price: €45 individual or €70 couple

Addressed to: Parents

October 20 and 22 18:00-20:00


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I have a teenage son 12  years +

Training specific for parents with children in the adolescent stage, aged 12 and older.

A coaching workshop, which allows you to experience different positions thanks to well-studied psychological and experimental dynamics.  


This workshop explores the characteristics of this stage of change, highlighting that it can sometimes involve a period of "depression" due to the hormonal upheaval experienced by the body and mind.

This workshop has the following objectives:

-Acquire the knowledge that, as a parent and educator, allows you to understand the adolescent "crisis" as a normal stage of development.

- We provide ideas and keys to establish new forms of communication and contact

- Reduce stages of violence and change them to search for support.  

It is about also different study techniques so that they begin to find a sense of responsibility.

Additional information about the Course

A coaching session, given by Laura García and Laura Croas, psychologists and coach, specialized in family and team relationships. The sessions are very dynamic and experimental to get to the feeling of the attendee and to internalize the concepts to help him make decisions and face all the fears and novelties that occur in this stage of the adolescent. 

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