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Category: Tourism

Training type: Face-to-face.

Duration: 8 hours

Price: €50

Aimed at: All audiences from 16 years.


Food Handler Card

Knowledge required by the authority to all workers in contact with food.

In an 8-hour course that aims to:

-How to properly handle food

- Show the minimum hygiene conditions.

- The cold and heat chain

- Waste management and treatment.


-Food handling

-Consumption of wrongly handled food

- Alteration and contamination of food

- Factors that favor bacterial growth

- Source of food contamination

- Illnesses transmitted through food

- Food preservation methods

- Hygiene as a preventive measure

- Cleaning and disinfection: concept and difference

- Materials in contact with food

- Pest control

- Information and food labeling

- Waste handling

- Responsibility and self-control

- Related legislation

Additional information about the course

Once the course is finished, the food handler card is issued, at no additional cost.

This course is taught by nutrition experts and transmitted in a dynamic and effective way.

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