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Category: Workshops for Teachers

Type: Theoretical

Duration: 4 hours

Price: €35

Aimed at: Early childhood education teachers (3-6 years), mothers and fathers



School bullying: Prevention and Intervention from a positive view

The course aims to provide people with knowledge about the different types of violence and harassment, giving the necessary keys to identify the situations in which they occur. Protocols to follow. Prevention and intervention.

The subject is worked on in an integral way approaching it from very varied fields: educational, sociological, psychological.

Teachers will be given tools to deal with group cohesion in the classroom, respect for differences in order to prevent this problem such as bullying from appearing and to facilitate the use of tutoring hours or coexistence plans.

Additional information about the Course


- Types of bullying at school
- Features of stalker and harassed
- Tools for prevention and intervention in the different educational stages (from infant to secondary)


Training subsidized by the Tripartite Foundation for schools and institutes

  They are also talks that can be given to the same students and their parents in schools.

This course is taught by the speaker and expert in alternative methodologies Cristina Guerra.

It is accredited by a diploma  course attendance

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