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Category: Tourism

Training type: Face-to-face.

Duration: 10 hours

Price: €149.00

Aimed at: Everyone with a vocation for customer service.

Congress Hostess Certificate

The hostess position is a position that requires a lot of tenure, a lot of knowledge and is undoubtedly the image of any event and a great support to serve the thousands of attendees. Given the complexity and the factors that come into play in any event, this degree will help you acquire techniques on the quality of customer service, better understand the industry in order to anticipate and improve the dynamics of the event and, above all, to differentiate yourself from any other candidate. or candidate.

It is a booming sector and therefore the opening to new job opportunities are very remarkable.

This certificate will be taught through an intensive course

Additional information about the Course


1) Introduction to the events sector

- Training of the sector.

- The clients

- The providers

- The operation of the sector.

2) Quality of service and  Customer Support

- Telephone

- What information handles a stewardess

- The customer experience

3) Technical assistance in events

- Resolution capacity

- Anticipation

4) Protocol

- The flags

- Accompaniment

- VIP treatment

- Table

5) Image

- Hairstyle

- Manicure

- Make-up

- Clothing

- The handkerchief

6) Specialized English

7) Social and labor orientation

Course taught by Silvia Vicente, director of Best Teacher and expert in service in the luxury sector and organization of events and congresses.

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