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Course: Typing to gain agility with the keyboard

Hours: 8 p.m.  

Price: €120

Typing to Gain Agility

Course to improve your skills when writing on the computer and improve your time for writing emails, reports and any writing you have to do on a personal and professional level. With this course you will improve your efficiency and you will have more time to invest in other tasks.

The main objective of the student in this course will be to type on the computer keyboard quickly and without making mistakes. A skill highly valued by companies that will save you precious time and be more efficient in your tasks.

This course is intended for students, workers, opponents and, in general, to anyone interested in acquiring the skill of writing correctly on the computer.



- Master the top, middle and bottom keys

- Acquire speed.

- Use the tilde, write capital letters and a colon

- Use numbers and exclamation marks.

- Use special signs, question marks for calculations and parentheses.


- Reach level of 90 ppm.

- Reach level of 110 ppm.

- Reach level of 130 ppm.

- Reach level of 150 ppm.

- Reach level of 170 ppm. ·

- Reach level of 230 ppm.

- Reach level of 250 ppm.

Additional information about the course

Course taught by  Beatriz Herrero, expert typing teacher with extensive experience in teaching computer typing. He has extensive training as a teacher. He has the Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude and the Certificate of Teaching Professionalism for training for employment. For this reason, it uses a wide variety of teaching methods and resources during the teaching of its classes and periodically carries out evaluation tests to observe the progress of the students.

At the end of the training, a diploma of achievement on typing with a level of 250 ppm will be delivered.


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