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Category: Free time

Training type: Face-to-face

Duration: 2 hours / week

Price: €40  

Aimed at: All audiences.

Contemporary Dance

Classes for all audiences: we have courses for children and adults, we will focus on learning dance techniques such as rhythm, technique  of Classical Dance, and achieve greater freedom and expressiveness of movement.

in our classes  All these techniques will be developed through  a small  choreography  with various tools. We will also work on  group and individual improvisation  with guidelines that will be fixed throughout the classes.

The disciplines that will be learned in this course will be: 

- Ballet


- Modern


Additional information about the Course

The course is taught by Sara López Ureña. Professional with a curriculum of more than 10 years in the world of dance.  

Classes are taught in different parts of Madrid: Tetuán, Guzmán el Bueno and Ciudad Lineal.

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