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Shcedules and prices

Spanish classes

Mujer en el teléfono

Specific courses to improve fluency and understanding of the language. Delivered over the phone.

Aprender en línea

Courses through platform  online with a teacher, so you can study from anywhere and  anytime.


Academic courses, internships or intensive summer courses to live an exciting experience in Madrid.

Artes y manualidades



Original and curious topics to learn the language through another activity


Courses for students of     1 to 12 years, adapted according to their level and age.

Alumnos y profesor en aula

English courses  for students from 13 years old, who need to improve their level.


Courses to obtain an official Spanish certificate with the methodology of the

Institute  Cervantes

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Tailor-made courses for professionals and companies, adapted to the required needs.

Spanish for children

Practical learning adapted to the themes that children use in their daily lives presented in the form of a game.  

In our classes we use the language as a vehicle of communication , which we do through crafts, songs, dances, games and many super fun things.  

Children learn the language naturally just as they learned their native language.

Private or group classes, separated by levels and ages.  

And at the end of your course, we reward you with a diploma!  


Spanish for adults

Learn Spanish with its own revolutionary methodology.  

A very natural way of learning, through role plays, so that experience and emotions make you retain everything you have learned in your long-term memory.  

Perfect also to prepare to live in Spanish-speaking countries.


Teachers with different accents and backgrounds

One to One

Private classes adapted to the training needs of each student


at home

An exclusive teacher in your home. You choose the time and day of the class

Group Classes

Practical classes up to a maximum of 8 people

Intensive courses

Courses of 10 or 20 hours per week for faster and more concise learning.

Level certificate is delivered upon completion  the course

general english

Spanish courses in Madrid

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We are one  of the best Spanish schools in Madrid


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Madrid is the capital of Spain.

Located in the center of the peninsula, it has 4 million inhabitants.

español en madrid
examnes oicials


official exams of

Cervantes Institute

Preparing your official language certificate with us has multiple advantages:  

  • We are a center accredited by the Cervantes Institute

  • Teachers  with degree  and experts in exam preparation

  • We manage the registration for the exam for free

Having your certificate opens up endless job possibilities

We prepare  all certificates:  

  • Spanish Diplomas (DELE)

  • Spanish nationality test (CCSE)  

  • Spanish certificate (SIELE) 

Spanish for companies

Spanish classes  focused on corporate issues, adapted  to  the needs of the company taught by professionals. 

Business themes we work on:  

  • Spanish for directors and executives

  • Spanish  for workers in hospitality and tourism

  • Spanish for business and customer service

  • Spanish for job interviews

Best Teacher is a center accredited by FUNDAE, so we can manage the discount for language courses for your company.

business english

Methodology Spanish courses and telephone conversation

At Best Teacher we have created a totally different methodology to that used traditionally for language learning, to lose the fear of  speaking another language,  to ensure fluency and rapid and effective learning of the language. 

3 levels depending on the objective
Spanish to use in foreign countries
We use themes so that you learn vocabulary and express how to speak with foreign people in Spain
Level 1
Spanish to live in Spanish-speaking countries
Level 2
Themes and vocabulary that you will face when living or travelling abroad, which adds to the information you will know about the country's ways of life
Spanish for Conferences
Level 3
Very technical Spanish to know for conferences and speaking about themes very specific to the area and language , which is necessary to know
How are our classes?

We don't follow the usual structure based on grammar. 

We focus on themes with the objective to learn vocabulary, grammar and expressions in a natural way.


The student is the protagonist. We work through Role Plays to encourage improvisation and spontaneity. The teacher facilitates and moderates to empower the students.


All is learned on the base of experience, practice and  emotions. We deal with interesting themes that are called to your attention and then you learn them off, remembering them long-term.

You will lose your initial shyness and in just three months you will speak the language fluently , using native expressions .


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