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Category:  Languages

Type:  Theoretical- Practical

Duration: 2 hours

Price: €20

Aimed at: Adolescents, Adults, Teachers

Le Verlan: The French Slang

Le verlan is the French slang most used by adolescents and has also been internalized by adults as a more colloquial way of speaking. It is a common jargon in the day to day of the French and using le verlan more than the proper word.

Given the lack of knowledge of this part of the language and the usefulness it has if one day  If you travel in France or speak to any French person, we want to make things easy for you so that you don't stay with a surprised face when you realize that everything you learned about French at school, at the moment of truth you don't understand anything!


Additional information about the Course


- What is le verlan and how is it formed

- Most used words and expressions.

- They'll see you at the store.

-They will see him in the family

- They will see you on the street

- Game : Translate from verlan.

At the end of the training, a guide will be delivered. verlan vocabulary.

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