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Excellent Service;  
It starts with the people who make it possible...

Your Employees

Our vision 

mujer de risa

The customer at the centre

Polaroids viajes

Learn to make experiences real-life

Mujer asiática sonriente

service excellence

Equipo de negocios

Committed teams

The tourism sector is changing:  With more expectations, better quality and technology and of course the markets that visit us. Therefore, the customer experience must be at the maximum and that can only be achieved with good professionals. 

Specific training by departments



Practical courses for the reception jobs, appealing to receptionists, in reception managing and in the reservations department

The most popular courses

Registro en el mostrador del hotel

Quality standards in hotels

Courses  based  on the standards set by the best audits with the aim of  improving the habits of our employees, in order to offer a full customer experience. The anticipation of their  needs  will become increased sales assured.

Cocinero en una cocina

Food Handling

​Mandatory knowledge on handling or serving food, controlled by the Ministry of Health.  

mango Lassi

Creative Cocktails



From the hand of the experts, you will learn how to make from the most classic cocktails to the most innovative, as well as other themes for special dates such as Christmas, Valentine's Day etc.


Hotel Manager



Learn how to manage a team and how to be a leader. You will acquire all the necessary knowledge about protocols for cleaning rooms, administrative tasks and knowing how to successfully manage a team.

Sonriente joven empresario

Seduce the client according to their culture

These courses are ideal to help get to know and surprise your client in terms of their cultural habits, attitudes and beliefs. This long term allows you to offer your client a complete experience, as you will understand them more.


Allergen Course

Mandatory knowledge about the content of food, to avoid customer allergies. Mandatory and controlled by the Ministry of Health.  

Camarero vino Sirviendo con vista al mar

Table Etiquette

​This course will teach you the rules of protocol when presenting a table, receiving guests, the different ways to seat them, serve them and take away the dishes and finally how to mannerly send them off after their meal.  A complete circle must be practiced to leave your restaurant in the best position as far as treatment is concerned.


Hotel Receptionist

Being a hotel receptionist is being a multifaceted person. There are many tasks to be carried out, both administrative and for the public. This department is at the heart of the hotel from where everything works. 

Hotline Consultant

Telephone and written attention

By phone or by email is the first way of contact with the customer. Therefore it must leave a great impression. In this course everything will be taught: rhythm, tone of voice, use of language, and only giving the necessary information. all with the end goal that the client will  want to book.

Image by Thomas Vogel




Learn what there is to know about meat and become an expert. Learn how to present the goods on show , which will without a doubt leave your hungry customers with mouths open.  

organizador eventos.jpg

Maitre de Hotel



Courses to learn how to manage and coordinate the services and also  the team, emphasizing above all the communication between departments and anticipation.

Servicio de chofer de lujo

Hotel Concierge/Butler

Learn all the tasks and knowledge necessary to offer an unparalleled quality of service. We follow the quality standards set by the best hotel audits in the world.

Practical courses taught by the best professionals in the Tourism sector

We Work to Measure. 
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