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Title: Course to be a Youtuber

Price: €60/month

Audience: Teenagers and adults who want to learn to communicate on the internet in a professional way

Youtuber Course - Succeed communicating through videos

Do you want to be a Youtuber? It is not that easy, that is why at Best Teacher we have selected the best professional to offer you the necessary tools and everything you need to know, focused in a totally practical way to fulfill your dream of being a Youtuber.

This course is intended for all those adolescents or adults who are curious about the world of YouTube and want to improve communication techniques through videos to promote themselves personally or business.

In this course we will teach you from start to finish all the steps you must follow to become a successful Youtuber.

Program and contents:  

1.  Finding your personal brand:  We will develop and shape the creative idea, so if you haven't found it yet don't worry as we will squeeze all your potential. We will teach you how to locate a starting point. You will learn the key to success.

two.  Communication strategy: Have a strategic approach and plan each action and above all you will reach your goals little by little without assuming any effort. Within this first stage, you will learn from great Youtubers by analyzing their steps.

3.  Communication techniques:  You will know how important it is to communicate well to convey your opinion or knowledge about a topic. Verbal and non-verbal communication will be two of your super powers to be the best youtuber.

Four.  The importance of speech:  You will learn to create a script, a good youtuber leaves nothing to chance! Everything is well thought out. At first it will cost you some effort but you will receive the necessary support so that everything goes smoothly.

5.  Techniques for attracting and retaining followers:  You will have access to the best tricks, you will know how to make your followers literally stay glued to your channel. We will talk about the "call to action", how to make them like us, subscribe to the channel and activate the notification bell... We will tell you how to cut right into the most interesting...

6.  Recording methods and techniques:  And yes, dear friend, just as you imagined, it's time to record. Here we will see how to speak in front of the camera without getting nervous, we will lose the fear of making mistakes (some youtubers collect false shots can be very funny). We will also see how to improvise a recording studio at home, and what things we must take into account before recording. We will deal with a very important topic, audio.

7.  The post production:  Once we have all the material collected, we will move on to the post production stage: You will learn how to use a completely free open source software ShotCut. We will see its main tools and what its interface consists of. Before delving into our project, we will teach you how to make adjustments both at the audio and sound levels. You will perform cuts, remove audio and other basic actions. You will import all kinds of audiovisual content, and a long ect.

8. Adaptation and publication to the different channels:  If you are not too familiar with audio and video formats, don't worry, as we will go through each of them. We will export the content in an optimal way to publish it on the channel. We will go through the YouTube platform discovering each of its secrets, you will learn to personalize your channel and what each of its tools is for.

9.Leadership techniques:  In the last stage we will reveal the best secrets how to get a large number of followers and be popular. What are social networks and what are they for, maybe you already have some idea about this... but surely we can contribute something new! You will know how to viralize your content through the internet, and that it reaches millions of people!

Additional Information 

Course taught by Natalia Villa. Community Manager and expert in online communication, active in online communication in companies

The 40-hour course will start on October 2, 2018 until March 7, 2019. Taught for two hours per week, Tuesday and Thursday, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. to acquire and apply knowledge as the course progresses. (Holidays and Christmas vacation periods classes will not be taught)

-Course to  from 14 years of age.

To take better advantage of the course, they must have intermediate-high computer skills.

Each student must bring their own computer equipment, it is advisable that they have a 64-bit processor. Mobile phone with rear and front camera. Some headphones.

Have your own email account (registration must be done with the help of an adult). Know the password and the address of the same.

  Authorization of a tutor, for recording and future publication

At the end of the course, an accreditation of the completion of this Best Teacher course will be given.

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