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Category: Company

Training type: Face-to-face.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: €30  

Aimed at: Commercial, managers.  

Sell with Focus

"Selling with focus. The excellence of a sales team” It is about using in your favor the tools and skills that, as coaches and psychologists, we offer you to reach excellence in sales. In this workshop we will introduce this approach to techniques of sales from coaching to discover some of them and that you will be able to complete later in the complete course that consists of 8 hours, but in any case, with this workshop you will be able to appreciate the value of emotions and emotional intelligence and how to take your first steps to apply it in the field of business sales and achieve great results.

And it is that this approach that we are going to give is essential, since 75% of the success of teamwork depends on personal skills and 25% on technical knowledge.

We use emotional efficiency as a link and a means for business strategy. For this, in this workshop, questions that provoke reflection will be put on the table so that you achieve extraordinary results.


  • To unite teams and achieve excellence.

  • To promote strategic and organizational changes.

  • To facilitate the alignment of its members.

  • For greater emotional and energetic efficiency.

  • To promote innovation and talent in the company.

  • To overcome blocks, obstacles and limitations.

  • To use conflict as a tool for growth and creativity.

  • To improve the communication of your work teams.


Dynamic and experiential training program with which you will expand the sales approach. Fleeing from the most external and technical traditional vision and  enhancing all skills related to emotional intelligence, that will make you discover the great potential that you have inside and that you are not yet using.

We will go through the different phases of the sales process through of self-knowledge, effectively using your emotions and transforming your beliefs and limiting internal dialogue.

1) Preparation:

- The mentality

- Knowledge about the product or service

- Knowledge about the competition.

2) Presentation

- How we introduce ourselves personally

- How we present the company

3) Reasoning and key benefits through the dynamics of coaching

4) Objection handling

5)Close / Not close

6) Tracking


The entire program will be carried out through the techniques of:

- Emotionality:  Your emotions sell for you.  The greatest enemy of performance is fear.

- Communication:  Learn to communicate everything you know and what you can do for your client.

- Values and beliefs and communication:  Build a useful internal dialogue before, during and after the sale.

- Mindfulness: Make a conscious sale and loyalty.


Additional information about the course

Requirements: No prior knowledge is necessary

Why this course?

With the beginning of the 21st century, a change is born in the life of businesses and organizations, which have the need to be more dynamic, balanced and competitive. Demand is growing for a new breed of emotionally intelligent, accomplished, and aware professionals. It is necessary to promote the learning of skills and competencies, personal and intrapersonal, that allow us to better direct our lives, relate better to ourselves and others, achieve our goals and achieve greater harmony between thought, feeling and behavior. (what we think, feel and do) to reach an expansion of the person in all his BEING.

Who is it addressed to?

Aimed at the people and professionals that make up COMPANIES at the INDIVIDUAL, GROUP and TEAM level, whom we accompany in expanding their awareness towards EXCELLENCE.


For the development of this workshop we have two coaches whose experience and professionalism endorse us to be the benchmark in the new paradigm of the business world.

Laura Croas Entrambasaguas: Psychologist and group and team coach. Expert in Emotional Engineering

Laura Garcia Garcia. Psychologist and personal and team quantum coach. Expert in Emotional Engineering and NLP.

At the end of the training, a certificate of attendance is delivered. 

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